Do Blue Bay Shepherds Have Wolf in them?

Blue Bay Shepherds are a new breed of dogs that is still under development. This dog breed is thought to be a wolf with a stigma-blue hair coat. The name Blue Bay Shepherd comes from a combination of two words. Blue Bay for Palm Bay, Florida, its birthplace; And the German Shepherd was a shepherd to its native breed.

The parent breed of the Blue Bay Shepherd dog is the German Shepherd, a well-known medium-sized dog breed that was originally bred to flock. So it is similar to the average height and weight German Shepherd dogs


Blue Bay Shepherds are cute, intelligent, friendly and highly attractive dogs. Their looks with blue eyes and blue fur coat are quite stunning. They are very brave dogs with a lot of curiosity. If you are an avid trekker or traveler, they may be the best fur companion to walk by your side wherever you go.

When is the Blue Bay Shepherd dog available for sale?

Surely, who would not love to own this wonderful dog breed? But according to its founder Vicky Spencer, the Blue Bay Shepherd breed is currently in development and not available for sale.

So if you see a dog seller claiming to have a Blue Bay Shepherd for sale, they are very fraudulent. Currently, the sale of the Blue Bay Shepherd dog along with the breed founder does not exist.

Vicky Spencer has been working to develop this breed for 20 years, experimenting with European German Shepherds‌ imported from France with dog blood from Germany and Holland.

His goal and aspiration is to develop a wolf ancestral dog with a blue coat and light eyes and it is a fun personality, willing to train and he has been striving to achieve his dream for 20 years now

Since the German Shepherds have the characteristics of a wolf, he is experimenting with the pure blood lines of German shepherds to develop a blue-skinned Shepherd dog.

The first litter of the Blue Bay Shepherd was produced in 2011, and since then there have been continuous improvements to develop the dog with very good health, training, a willingness to please, a friendly nature and a beautiful look of their wolf family line.

Blue Bay Shepherd

Since blue-coated animals are so rare, the founder of this new breed expressed his difficulties in developing one.

All Blue Bay Shepherds are officially registered with Canine Registrars. They are issued certificates with unique identification numbers. If you see someone selling this breed without a valid certification, they are most likely not genuine.

Currently, this species is very limited in number and is only available in very few hands. Also, it requires two Blue Bay Shepherds to produce a similar breed, otherwise it is crossbreeding.

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