Fall Bucket List: 8 Must-Do Activities for You and Your Dog

Fall Bucket List: As fall approaches, you’re probably wondering what to do to celebrate the season. What are you and your dog supposed to do to enjoy autumn? 

Fall Bucket List
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You and your dog can ring in the fall season with must-do activities outdoors and around the house. Here are the essential things you and your dog need to get up to.

Get out into the orchards

First things first: What’s fall without a trip to your local apple orchard? Better yet, what’s better than visiting every apple orchard in your area?

Apples have ripened, coming into full bloom, and they’re just asking to be picked from their branches. Get outside and enjoy the crisp air while you and your dog walk up and down the orchards, picking apples for snacking, pies, tarts, and more.

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You just need to keep an eye out for an orchard’s rules. Some orchards will not allow dogs out into their fields, as it could pose a potential health risk, depending on their irrigation system and more.

So make sure your dog is welcome to come along so the two of you can get out and enjoy the fall weather and all the apples you can carry out. And once you get home, make sure you keep your dog’s safety in mind: cut the apple into small slices to make it easier for your dog to eat. Don’t feed them the whole thing at once. Also, if you’re going to give your dog an apple, make sure you remove the core before they begin gnawing on it.

Pumpkins are ready to pick

Just as the orchards are ready for the picking, it’s the right time to get out and pick pumpkins, too. Pumpkin patches will be ready to go by the time fall comes around, and you and your dog should get out to find the perfect one. Let your dog sniff around until they find one they like. You can even get out and have a little photoshoot out among the patches.

And you don’t need to just use them for decoration, either. Get a pumpkin for cooking! While you can enjoy the pumpkin seeds, your dog can enjoy some freshly roasted pumpkin. Just make sure you don’t add any salt or oil. Either roast the pumpkin as is or boil the filling for your dog to enjoy.

Fall Bucket List
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Enjoy football season together

Many Americans celebrate the return of fall because it means that football season is back in action. The best part? You can get your dog in on the fun, too. We’re not just talking about the Puppy Bowl. Your dog can take part in your tailgating festivities.

Getting ready for the NFL game, local college game, or the high school match down the street? Get out and tailgate with the locals, friends, and family to celebrate gameday. Let your dog enjoy the most of it. Get out and play fetch with them, make them the center of attention for everyone you’re partying with, and let them enjoy some treats while you cook up some hot dogs and burgers for your team’s best fans.


Fall calls for the celebration of Oktoberfest. While you and your friends may want to slam back some steins full of beer, you’ll want to let your dog enjoy bully sticks for dogs in their place. While there are Oktoberfest celebrations in major cities around the U.S., not to mention Germany and Europe, you’re bound to find a smaller celebration near you.

So get outside with your dog, enjoy a pretzel and a beer, and let them enjoy a tasty dog treat as you and your friends and family make the most of the fall shenanigans.

However, you are not supposed to give your dog alcohol, you can get him in on the Oktoberfest fun! Take him to an outdoor celebration where pets are welcome. It’s even better if you can host an Oktoberfest party and invite all the dogs in the neighborhood! 

Enjoy some cool weather workouts

As the weather starts to cool, look for some indoor dog exercise programs. Many gyms offer “doga,” a version of yoga that you and your dog can do together! This is also a great way for both of you to stay in shape throughout the holiday season.

Watch some scary movies

The Halloween season calls for horror movie marathons. Make the most of this fall by making popcorn, cuddling up with your dog, getting a throw blanket, and throwing on some horror movies to watch together. If you want to go scary, you can go the traditional route of bingeing the various horror franchises, like Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street.

But your dog may like the family-friendly movies more, such as dog favorites like: Scooby-Doo: The Movie, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Monster House, and Hocus Pocus. While you may feel inclined to share your popcorn with your dog, give them some tasty dog chews to enjoy instead.

Fall Bucket List
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Dress up for trick-or-treat!

Have you ever gone out for trick-or-treating and seen a dog all dressed up in a silly costume? It’s about one of the most adorable things you’ll ever see! So why not get in on it by getting a Halloween costume for your dog.

Whether you want them to be a fireman, a USPS delivery person, a princess, a ladybug, or a shark, the costume you have in mind is likely waiting for you. Want to make it more exciting? You could even make them a one-of-a-kind costume, made entirely at home. Suddenly, your dog is a walking tiki bar, bringing merriment to everyone they pass on the street. Or maybe they’re Michael Myers, just hunched over on all fours — which is somehow even scarier than the original Michael.

Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner

Lastly, take your dog to your family or friend’s Thanksgiving dinner. While you don’t want them to start ripping food off the table, you’ll want to include them. They can enjoy most of the festivities by enjoying all the smells being produced from the kitchen, as well as any snacks shared with them while the family catches the football game. Similarly, they can patiently sit by, waiting to be fed table scraps by the family. And they’re sure to love the fresh turkey and vegetables.

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